Yavapai County Treasurer

Excess Proceeds

The report generated below lists excess proceeds currently held by the Yavapai County Treasurer. These proceeds result from foreclosure of a Mortgage or Deed of Trust on a property which sold for more than the amount owed the lender and deposited pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute § 33-812. The Yavapai County Treasurer shall deduct its $100.00 fee pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute § 33-812(J).

Questions regarding application for release of excess proceeds should be directed to the Yavapai County Clerk of the Superior Court. Yavapai County Clerk of the Superior Court. A link for the Application for Release of Excess Proceeds of Sale by Owner is provided for your convenience. Additional information regarding the listed civil actions may be accessed via the Supreme Court Case Search.

Funds received prior to 10/12/2017 that are not on this list have been forwarded to the State of Arizona.
For more information, please call the Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property at 928-771-3233.

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